Website Design for Artists
Introductory Offer - $450.00 (reg. $830)

Domain Name: subject to availability.
Free for the first year, $20 for each year there after.

WebSite Hosting: Free for the first year, $60 for each year thereafter.
Page Design: Four pages, includes 24 images throughout the entire site

· Home page containing introductory information, selected images, navigation links
· One gallery page, or equivalent
· One page of information such as statements, bios, resume, event, links
· One contact page
· One email,

Custom Visual Theme: a consistent color theme throughout your site including a logo/banner to be used at the top of each page
Navigational system within your site that is easy to use and intuitive

Basic image editing as necessary: Please note that the images on your site will only be as good as the original image allows whether or not the original is a photo, slide, or a digital image. Digital images should be no less than 180 dpi.

Links: Listing of up to 10 links

Meta tags will be written into the HTML of the main page---meta tags are document code that is vital for search engines to discover your site so that your page can be listed in a search

Copyright information will be placed at the bottom of the home page

Updates and changes: Free site maintenance limited to one update per month and applies to text updates only.  Update requests are to be made via email and in the format established at the site.

I require the total amount paid before I start your site.
The site will take less than two weeks,
if you supply me with all the information I need to complete it.

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